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Independent way to create content and share ideas online

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Why spry?

8 reasons to go for it

Built for creative individuals

It helps with promoting service and product distribution

It's only essential tools oriented on success

You control it on 100%

It's easy to get started


Mobile friendly

New Technology

Things You Can Do With spry


Create content

It's an entirely new way of creating a blog post. First thing first is that you focus on the content itself and then on other stuff that is good for SEO, content management, etc. Your new blog posts will be baked into static pages that are 100% ready to open them on the reader's side or easy to scan for Google.


Optimize for your audience

The code of freshly published blog post is clean and up to date regarding the latest standards of Internet technologies. Anyway, even if you're not much into a code and how things look and work you still can feel benefits by reaching a broader audience online and having a great speed of how things work on your site.



Manage your content in an efficient way. Go through your posts and make the right decisions on what kind of content to create next. Group the content by series and analyze it by niches.


Connect your favorite tools and services

Automate and simplify your work by connecting the apps you use. Improve your workflow by using the variety of technologies. It's four integrations for now, but there will be more very soon.





Let me know when it's ready

No Spam, I promise. Just a friendly reminder.

Why is it better than everything else?


It's super fast. Basically, all what you create is static and waiting on a server to just open it. No loading from a database, no heavy scripts to process before showing the content, no strings attached.

Clean core & 100% ready

spry is shaping your content in a way that it's easy to read and understand for search engines and social media platforms. You don't need any plug-ins, hiring developers, learn a bunch of stuff to make your site work properly and reach your audience. spry is a solution that made from scratch and does a good SEO work on its own.


It has only essential tools, it helps to focus on essentials like writing and curating your content to attract more clients and customers.

You Own It

It's a package that you download and install on your site. No ads, no weird algorythms, rules, etc. Creative freedom in your hands here.

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You’re in a good company

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